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A higher standard of care

About Veritas Homecare

Senior Care Services in Springfield, MO


At Veritas Home Care, we are a nurse led, private pay agency with a management team who

brings 45+ years of industry experience to the organization.  Veritas Home Care was founded

by an experienced and caring registered nurse, Amy Ford, in 2022. Her mission in starting

Veritas Home Care was to provide a higher standard of care, improving the lives of seniors

in Springfield, Missouri.  She is devoted to offering high quality care and services that allow

people to stay in their homes as their care needs change.


We seek to serve and understand what matters most to our clients.  We work with our clients

and their families to create a comprehensive care package that meets all of their needs while

also enabling our Care Team to deliver reliable and responsive care. Services provided include

private pay services tailored to meet the needs of clients at home when they are no longer able to

care for themselves.  


A few of our services provided are:

  • nursing services inclusive of monthly care management and/or transitional care 

  • personal & supportive care

  • therapy & holistic care options 

Veritas is a Latin word meaning truth


Our services ensure family members can rest easy knowing their loved one is getting the care they need when they need it most.


We strive to create a culture that allows our workforce to live their own cause and purpose each day, utilizing the skills and gifts given to them that allows them to achieve their personal and professional goals. Our home care services are set apart by the expertise, training, and experience of our Care Team. 


Our Values 

AUTHENTICITY | We will speak with honesty and leverage our moral compass as our guide

COMMUNITY | We view our work as a service to the community and those we engage with as friends and neighbors

RELIABILITY | We are steadfast in our commitment to culture and quality

HIGHER STANDARD | Diligent in our effort to maintain relevance and sustainability within the industry

Ford 2022-120.jpg


-Amy Ford-

For more than 14 years I have been a nurse by trade, caring for people in Southwest Missouri who are experiencing a complex, and often times serious illness. My experiences have ignited a passion for building a company focused on improving the lives of those in our community who wish to remain in their home, even as their care needs change. My steadfast desire to be both a client and employee advocate is at the core of who I am. It is my belief a large portion of my purpose in life is to care for others during the times they need it most. My passion, along with the support and encouragement of my husband, has inspired me to build a company and culture focused on removing critical issues and barriers to accessing care at home, while minimizing social isolation.  Having the ability to create a comprehensive care plan designed by clients and/or their loved ones and then delivered by a Care Team who feels confident in their ability to provide safe and effective care is what care at home is all about. When it comes to care at home, Veritas Home Care would be honored to care for you.


To honor and support the work of our Care Team, enabling them to provide a higher standard of care.  


We are committed to providing our community with access to high quality, individualized private care, serving with purpose, compassion, and a steadfast commitment to exemplary service.

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